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The importance of mattress cleaning

Don’t be surprised, we are not just a carpet cleaning company in Summerlin, we also help our client with mattress cleaning and god, it’s so important!

a lot of people may believe that it is not important to clean their mattress unless there is an accident or a spill, but mattress cleaning has been said to be even more important than carpet cleaning and it also requires more regular cleaning as a result of how often it is being used. although the mattress may look cushy and comfortable on the outside, it may be a breeding ground for dust mites. it can also house dust particles, body oils, dried fluid residue, dead skin cells, harmful microorganisms and other residues from children and pets.

the fabric that is used to make mattresses is not always stain resistant as a lot of people believe, unlike some carpets. so, stains on mattresses may be a little difficult to remove. the main reason for cleaning a mattress is to remove the dust particles, microorganisms, residues from pets and children and also to disinfect the fabric. some of the importance of cleaning a mattress include:

it improves indoor air quality

people spend an average of 8 hours on their bed sleeping or doing some other things and this means about a third of our lifespan. this is why it is very important to maintain a good indoor air quality in the bedroom. when people turn on their bed, they stir some dust particles into the air which is bad for the indoor air quality and this air is then breathed in by them. but, when we clean our mattresses regularly, then it will be free of dust particles and when we turn, it does not affect the indoor air quality in our bedroom. bad indoor air quality can result in many health issues like throat and eye irritation and some respiratory problems.

it destroys dust mites and bed bugs

if your mattress is dirty, it can become a breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs. these microorganisms are capable of causing you some serious health issues. therefore it is important to destroy them before they harm you. in order to destroy them, you will need to clean your mattress regularly because a clean mattress cannot house dust mites and bed bugs. destroying these microorganisms can improve your health significantly.

it decreases the incidence of allergic reactions

a lot of people are allergic to pollen and dust which can be housed in a dirty mattress. in order to reduce the incidence of allergic reactions in your house, it is important that you clean your mattress. cleaning your mattress regularly will help you remove the impurities in the mattress completely.

it reduces skin problems

some people are known to have sensitive skin, so if their skin is exposed to a dirty mattress for a long time, they may start developing skin problems. some unwanted materials like dust mites, bed bugs and other microorganisms that are housed in a dirty mattress can cause skin problems in people.

it makes you feel comfortable

the absence of impurities in a mattress will make you comfortable. when dust particles, mites, bugs and other impurities are absent in your mattress, you will feel more comfortable when you sleep in it.

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