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Getting rid of carpet mold can be a very challenging task. You can use our great carpet cleaning service in Summerlin, but you can also try to it by yourself.


Carpet molds can grow rapidly in areas that are damp and wet, and once they are fully developed, they are very difficult to get rid of. Carpet molds often grow in houses that have recently been flooded. Once the carpet mold is fully developed, it releases airborne spores in the air and in between the carpet fibers. The carpet also serves as a home for a much microscopic organic matter that can serve as nutrients for the growth of mold. Carpets have the ability to acts like sponges and retain and absorb water long enough to stimulate the growth of molds and some dominant spores. Also, rooms with little or no ventilation can serve as breeding grounds for molds. Some of the signs that indicate that your carpet has mold include;


If you detect a musty smell in your carpet’s area, it is a definite sign that there is mold in the carpet. It is one of the most definite symptoms of mold presence. The rate of growth of molds will increase if they are in a damp, enclosed space with little ventilation. The musty smell may not be immediately noticeable to you if you spend a considerable amount of time it the house, but it is important that you take it into observation if any of your visitors comment on a musty odor in your house. This could be as a result of the presence of mold in your carpet.


The presence of carpet molds in your house can result in many health issues like allergic reactions, bronchitis, asthma and breathing problems for the residents of that house. So, if you observe that there is a higher incidence of these problems in the residents of your house, then there is a high possibility that there are carpet molds in your house. And if you observe that the walls and floors of your house and basement appear to be free of mold, then you should check your carpet for molds.


If the floors in your house remain wet or damp for more than a day, then there is a high possibility of the floor serving as a breeding ground for molds. If you observe that the floors in your house are damp, it may be as a result of a leak from the floor underneath. This situation is more likely to occur in basements. If you have recently experienced a water leak or flood or any similar event that resulted in your carpet being wet for a long period of time, there is a high possibility of mold present in the carpet. And also, if your basements have pipes that are leaking, it could also result in the growth of mold in the nearby carpets. So, in other to prevent this, you should dry your carpet quickly whenever your carpet is left wet and damp.


In several situations, when mold growth reaches an advanced level, you will see discolored patches on your carpet. These discolored patches are often black, white or different shades of green. These discolored patches occur as a result of the multiplication of mold colony on a carpet.


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