Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Urine Odor Removal

So, you are a pet loving person but also feel gruesome when your indoor air is full of pet stain odor and your favorite furniture is decorated with pet stains. You can sometimes hide a pet stain but about the odor, if you don’t fix it, will turn into a disagreeable smell. The cleaning process requires proper knowledge and correct proceeding. If you are looking for the pet stains cleaning and odor removal services in Summerlin, Las Vegas and surrounding areas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise, do not worry, we’re here to take care of your problem.

Why do we need to clean pet stain and odor?

Dog urine goes through a deteriorating odor process and mixes with the rug because of the bacteria fueling on the organic wastes. The bacteria converted into the gases and creates the strong ammonia smell. This can be potentially dangerous. And the pet stains sunk into the carpet, can fade the fabric and become difficult to remove. In severe cases, when the pet urine covers a significant part of the carpet, it may be more cost effective to replace the one.

Why do you need professional pet stains and odor removal cleaning service?

It is always suggested to clean and remove pet stains and odor by a team of professionals. Majorly because they analyze the area before commencing the treatment. The service of the odor removal requires you to know where the incidents have taken place. The chemical used by the team along with the UV light can detect pet incidents and eliminate odors from furniture, carpet by P.U.R.T ( Pet Urine Removal Treatment), which is not possible in a normal cleaning process. Also, in this process, even severe pet urine damages can be destroyed by a chemical reaction, making the room bacteria-free.

Why choose us?

Whether it’s a pet stain or the odor, our team is here to serve. Whether it’s your home, office or any other kind of property in Las Vegas, you can hire us! We are a team of experienced and professional cleaners who can give you the best service not only in Las Vegas, but also to the surrounding areas like North Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, and Summerlin.

Our team understands the value of your health and product. Hence, we reach as soon as possible after you book a schedule. We examine the area and then provide an honest review.

Have a happy life with your pets. And, for the rest, count on us! Get a free quote now.