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We know that you are looking for the best carpet company in Summerlin but we also want to give you some knowledge about the importance of carpet cleaning and the surprising health benefits. 

As you know, they are different methods of cleaning your carpets, so you think you should learn about them!

There are many methods of carpet cleaning and they include;


This is said to be one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods available. It involves a process called “the host system”. In this method of carpet cleaning, soft and natural cleaning products are mixed with a little amount of water, detergent and a solvent that is safe to use. This mixture is then sprayed on the carpet thereby producing clumps that look similar to pieces of sawdust. The clumps dissolve and absorb dirt and they are vacuumed out.


This technique involves firstly vacuuming the carpet and then applying the encapsulating chemical. After the application of the encapsulating chemical, the carpet is placed in a rotary agitation machine which enables the encapsulating chemical to isolate the dirt and dust particles on the carpet. The isolated dust particles are the vacuumed. These procedures are repeated for about a week.

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This method of carpet cleaning is popularly known as dry cleaning and it is very similar to encapsulation cleaning. Although it is similar to encapsulation cleaning, self-neutralizing chemicals are used instead of an encapsulation chemical. And also instead of vacuuming the dust particle after the carpet have been put in the agitation machine, this method uses pad drying which enables the absorption of dirt.



This method involves using water with a temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius to clean carpets. It is also referred to as steam cleaning. Because this method involves the use of hot water, it can be used to kill germs and bacteria that have accumulated in the carpet.

Summerlin NV carpet cleaning


This method involves the use of water with a temperature above 100 degrees Celsius and powerful machines that enable water to reach a temperature of about 15o degrees Celsius. It is said to be the most effective method of carpet cleaning and it is widely preferred by professional carpet cleaners.

Final words

We are here to help you choose the best carpet cleaning service in Summerlin and of course, give you some important knowledge before choosing your next cleaners!

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