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Carpet cleaning Tips for Pet owners

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet owners

If you have a pet, it does not mean that you have to remove your carpet to avoid the challenges that come with being a pet owner. These challenges include the accumulation of pet hairs, odor, and stains. These challenges can be handled by proper and regular cleaning of your carpet. We will not just give you the best carpet cleaning service is Summerlin, but will also generate Some tips that can be used when cleaning your carpet includes.

Clean up wet messes

In order to do this, you will need a handheld extractor to absorb the liquid from the carpet. This is so much more effective than trying to clean a wet mess with a rag or paper towel. The handheld extractor is designed specifically for this purpose.

Make use of a stain removal

If the stain remains after you have cleaned the carpet, then it is best that you find a reliable carpet stain remover to remove the stain completely.

Avoid cleaning your carpet with steam
Cleaning your carpet with steam will only make the stain harder to remove because of the heat bonds the odor and the stain to your carpet.

  • vacuum the carpet regularly to remove pet hairs, skin cells, and other pet residues.

  • Use a putty knife to scrape solid waste up and into the dustpan.

  • Trying to use paper towels or rags to remove solid waste can actually force them deeper into the carpet.

  • Avoid stomping on paper towels

If you have recently used a paper towel to blot up urine and vomit, do not leave it carelessly on the carpet, because if you accidentally stomp on it, you will end up forcing the liquid deeper into the carpet.

Use a bio-enzymatic cleaner

Bio-enzymatic cleaners can be used to finish the cleaning of urine or stain, fresh or dried. This cleaner is capable of neutralizing the uric acid and urea and also destroys the proteins and starches that have accumulated in the carpet. This ability makes it different than other cleaners. Also, it is important to use bio-enzymatic cleaner before you use ordinary cleaner.

Have Mold? Don’t worry, we made a complete guide on how to remove this Mold from your carpets.

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